sabato 18 luglio 2015

CyberBingo celebrates biggest bingo win in U.S. this year

CyberBingo is celebrating the biggest bingo win of 2015 on any U.S. bingo site with an incredible jackpot win of $38,313.94 on Friday, July 10.
The lucky player was HONEY IM HOME who grabbed herself 9 lucky cards for just $4.50 in the CyberBingo Bingo Freeroll room before running out the door. She returned home later to a fabulous surprise as her account balance showed a massive $38,313.94.

"There it was, $38,313.94 in my account!

"I've always wanted to win big, but who doesn't? Over the past month I been dreaming that there was a crazy amount of money showing in my account. On Friday July 10, my daughter arrived to pick me up, I yelled to her one sec I did a quick pick on 9 cards and ran out the door. Never was I prepared for what I'd see when I returned OMG! That dream was now reality! Instantly I could not breathe, then I couldn't stop screaming OMG OMG OMG! There it was $38,313.94 in my account! THANK YOU SO MUCH CYBERBINGO my dream really did come true. This is just a little over what I need to pay off my house! Yessssss to no more payment!”

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