sabato 4 marzo 2017

PokerStars players help fellow player in need

Poker players thousands of miles apart ignored the online poker action and came together to help save the life of one of their regular opponents at, an Amaya Inc. brand.

Lady X, who wishes to remain anonymous, found herself in medical difficulty while playing in her regular weekly online poker game. A wound on her leg had started bleeding and she couldn't stop it. She typed her blood pressure into the PokerStars chat box, which was quickly recognized by other players, including a search and rescue volunteer and a military veteran, to be dangerously low.

As the readings became more erratic and each entry update more sporadic, poker was forgotten as her tablemates implored her to call for medical help as the readings she had entered showed she was near to passing out. When there was no response the group of players knew they had to take things into their own hands. They instantly mobilized.

One player e-mailed the PokerStars Support team, offering his emergency training experience and asked the support staff to look up the woman's contact information and call 911. "I copy pasted the chat to an e-mail and sent it to PokerStars Support, with the subject heading 'EMERGENCY, Medical Issue.' Time was critical," the player said.

The request made it to the PokerStars Support team who did just what they player had asked. They found the woman's address, called the local emergency authorities, and asked for a welfare check.

As it turned out, the woman with the emergency had taken her table buddies' advice already and managed to make it to a phone to call 911, so by the time PokerStars Support had called the emergency responders were already in action. As far as the woman was concerned, her PokerStars Play Money poker friends were heroes.

"They saved my life. My cardiologist said so, and I know it," she said. "Without my heroes, I surely would have would have been unconscious, and we wouldn't have been able to stop the bleeding."

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