sabato 18 novembre 2017

Sports Betting Usa publishes five-point Clarion Accord

Delegates attending Sports Betting USA (SBUSA), the two day conference held in New York from 14-15 November, have recommended a plan of initiatives to expedite the introduction of regulated and responsible sports betting across the country.

Announced by event organizer Ewa Bakun at the conclusion of SBUSA, the so-called Clarion Accord comprises the following five-point plan:

Make consumer protection and long-term health of the player the utmost goal through pro-active, considerate and sustainable Responsible Gaming strategies that encompass impact not just now but in the future.

Seek sports industry's buy-in by providing comfort, through an educational effort, that its commercial, reputational and integrity goals are fully met.

Action a transparent and inclusive lobbying effort that considers the interests of all stakeholders, both gaming and sports, for a consistent message to policy-makers.

Protect the integrity of sports through regulatory framework consistent across the states and enabling full cooperation between sports, gaming, regulatory and enforcement stakeholders.

Create a sustainable regulatory and taxation environment that instills trust for the consumer, provides revenues to the state budgets and roots out the illegal market.

Reflecting on the first edition of Sports Betting USA, Ewa Bakun stated, "I would like to thank all of the participants who made a really important contribution to the success of Sports Betting USA. The presentations were of the highest calibre and the full-to-capacity audience of delegates from both the sport and gaming sectors ensured a dynamic debate of the issues during the informal and organic networking which continued throughout the evening. In order to capture the essence of Sports Betting USA, we have drawn up a summary of the two days and captured the mood in the form of a five-point plan. We hope the Clarion Accord can be used as the basis for further debate and as a template from which both sport and the betting sectors can drive change and deliver a regulated industry which protects the interests of the consumer and the integrity of sport."

The positivity and optimism was reinforced by those attending what was an historic event. Karl Bennison, Chief of Enforcement at Nevada Gaming Control Board, stated, "It's been such a great spectrum of speakers and attendees, with everything from operators to regulatory bodies, to foreign jurisdictions; I've learned a lot, and I really value this opportunity at this time.

"The level of demand for this show highlights what a key topic this is, and going into the future, it all depends on the Supreme Court's decision. If it opens up, there will be a increased demand as new states come on board and need to learn about the industry. In saying that, I think the consensus is that even if it doesn't change next year, the decision will be made in the next few years, so whatever the outcome of the ruling, I think there will continue to be value in an event like this."

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